Alcoholidays 2013 Calendar

Alcoholidays 2013 Calendar

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Get a piece of Pony history – sure, this calendar is totally worthless when it comes to helping you know what day Easter falls on this year (it's Sunday!) but this is such an exercise in design noodling that we had to invent a second layer to design that you can only see with the included Art Director decoder specs.

The calendar was printed by Print-Art, a printer founded by Rob's grandfather over 50 years ago and the chipboard backer was printed in the basement here at 1TP.

If you can validate that you are in fact 21 we'll throw in a nip of Ketel One vodka – free of charge – just 'cause we're that kind of folks. But mostly because they're already sealed in shrink wrap and we're not really allowed to sell this stuff.

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