Glass on top. G5s on bottom.

Inspiration is no longer limited to the topside of a table.

Introducing the iTop – custom designed tables made from
the computers that make the work at One Trick Pony.

Turner Classic Movies. Sony Pictures Classics. Miramax Films.
Virgin Mobile, Galactic, Hotels, Cruises, America and more!

Each iTop comes with a coffee table book detailing
the contents of the harddrive and up to 500GB*
of Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, QuarkXPress, ImageReady,
Dreamweaver, Streamline, Word, Excel, and thousands
of other file types except PowerPoint.

*Purchasing of an iTop system includes limited rights to the included digitalcontents for personal and educational use only. If you unearth a file that you wish to use for anything other than displaying on the topside of the table or wowing a friend who stopped by for coffee, additional usage rights will need to be negotiated by you and the legal team of Pizer, Pizer, Reed, Reinhardt & Associates (dba 1 Trick Pony’s legal team). 
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